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Smart garments for biomonitoring and career enhancement
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KYMIRA produce smart textiles and garments that enhance performance and recovery at a biological level, as well as enabling biomonitoring to empower staff and athletes to maximise their performance while reducing risk of injury occurrence. Our products are used on every continent around the globe by Olympians, World Champions and Weekend Warriors alike.

Products include our infrared apparel range which features both performance, recovery and travel products for athletes in all sports. New products entering the market include EC(K)G smart shirts, IMU smart outfits and a host of other sensory technologies to enable other companies as well as our own.

What's Exciting

Our infrared clothing range is rapidly expanding and is now trusted by teams and athletes in the English Premier League, World Rugby, NFL, NBA, MLS, NCAA and National Olympic Organisations.
Additionally, KYMIRA are on the brink of releasing both a universal production technique to embed electronics into a garment, as well as a host of resulting products. Our garments will enable wireless monitoring of key sporting and medical biometrics from anywhere in the world, in any environment. Our software layer then enables contextualised insights to be provided by our algorithms, or for data to be exported into existing software infrastructures.

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Health / Med Tech, Performance Data Analytics, Wearables / Smart Devices
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University of Texas, European Space Agency, 2x Top 3 World Rugby Teams, Teams throughout the English Premier League

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Reading, United Kingdom
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Tim Brownstone
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Founder and CEO
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