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KissCam mobile app includes Arena Contest
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KissCam has matured to become a globally trademarked, multi-patented, geofencing, mobile contest app that has revolutionized not only how and where the “game” is played, but who can play it and when.

The mobile app brings arena and venue operators a new, practically limitless revenue stream through fan participation, ad sales, social media promotion and data information source. Rather than requiring a live camera feed from the arena or ballpark, the venue simply has the announcer direct attendees (with assistance from the Jumbotron) on how to enter the contest to win a prize. Attendees are advised on where to download the app and how to use it in order to participate in the contest with their smartphones.

What's Exciting

Since the photo frame or heart is custom designed for each event, the arena or stadium has the opportunity to sell sponsorships on the frame. Now sponsors aren’t limited to banners hanging inside the venue. Arenas can up-sell the sponsors to include banners on the app that become front and center to all venue participants. Or, maybe the venue wants to find new sponsors. The opportunities are limited only by your marketing team’s imagination.

Features and Benefits of the KissCam Mobile Contest App
· Legal protection from inappropriate behavior
· Fans are actively engaged for longer periods of time
· The ability to vote makes it a more engaging event

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Currently negotiating with international sports leagues to include the KissCam Arena Contest during the game, available to all fans and those watching the games from their home.

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Denver, United States
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