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Velocity Based Training
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For more than 15 years GymAware has been trusted by World Champions, Olympians and Pro Athletes — and those who prepare them to win. The GymAware PowerTool is widely considered the gold standard in velocity based training in elite team environments. Our latest product FLEX is perfectly suited to individual training scenarios. Our company relentlessly pursues innovation fuelled by genuine passion. We are highly in-tune to the demands of the strength and conditioning world. We are athletes ourselves. We understand the problems. We deliver real solutions.

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In late 2019 we launched the world’s first laser based barbell sensor, FLEX.
Our laser based technology means we hit the trifecta, offering a product that is wireless, highly accurate and affordable.
For the first time, individuals get the precision and performance previously restricted to the elite.
FLEX measures barbell velocity, power, range of motion, bar path and bar movement. Our proprietary lift intelligence captures every rep and recognises movement patterns. Get real-time performance feedback on the FLEXStronger app available on iPhone and iPad.
FLEX is optimised for self or remotely coached athletes and individual players within a team setting.

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Fitness Tech, Performance Data Analytics
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Milwaukee Bucks, Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Rams, Golden State Warriors, Anaheim Ducks

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Canberra, Australia
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