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KangaTech is the worlds most advanced Injury Prevention Platform
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KangaTech is the world’s most Advanced Injury Prevention Platform. Born out of 10+ years of R&D in Elite Sport and collaboration with a computer mathematics / AI specialist.
The global customer base consists of early adopters across the United Kingdom, Europe, North America, and Australia.
In 2019 KangaTech’s second-generation ‘KT360’ was launched and is now used by 50+ of the world’s highest-profile sporting teams, with high praise throughout the industry, including:
“Not only have we seen adductor strength increase across the squad, but we have had great feedback from the players on the usability of the product with our athletes loving the intuitive tablet interface.” Adam Waterson, Head of Fitness – LA Galaxy (MLS Team)
“I believe the KT360 platform is the most innovative tool that I have seen in many years.” Gerry Townend – Head of Sports Medicine – Ottawa Senators (NHL Team)

What's Exciting

The KT360 Testing and Training platform, consisting of a portable, adaptable, fixed frame dynamometry system that allows accurate and reliable measurement of isolated neuromuscular strength, endurance, and control.
The advanced software analytics allow sport-specific athlete profiling to understand injury risk and guide appropriate interventions.
Accompanying KT360 is a software platform consisting of both Testing and Training modules. This allows athletes to be prescribed a specific training stimulus such as Control, Strength/Hypertrophy, Endurance, Pain Modulation, and Time Under Tension.

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Fitness Tech, Health / Med Tech, Performance Data Analytics
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LA Galaxy, Toronto Raptors, Red Bull Performance, LA Angels, Ottawa Senators

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Melbourne, Australia
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Steve Oosterhof
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