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Gamification of Football (soccer)
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Just Football connects real football challenges to a digital career where players strive to climb the leaderboard, unlock achievements, and show off their best football skills. With our own AR/AI technology we’re able to track the speed and accuracy of a shot while adding visual effects based on the data. This opens up new opportunities for brands and clubs to reach a young football audience in an innovative way while creating a healthy balance between physical activity and digital consumption. Our users often describe it as “PokemonGo for football” or “Fifa in real life”.

What's Exciting

For this year, we have developed our AI/AR technology even further. There will be new game modes and challenges with AI/AR in the app that are unique compared to our competitors. We will enter new markets in Europe by partnering with major football clubs. Clubs such as Celtic and Hannover 96 are very interested. Also, we are about to partner with a club in Arizona that will help us grow in the US. It is exciting for us to work with brands and clubs that share our values of getting young people more physically active through innovative gaming.

Athlete Performance or Tracking
AI (Artificial Intelligence), Health / Med Tech, VR (Virtual Reality) / AR (Augmented Reality)
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Football (Soccer)
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Unisport, InterSport, Stadium, Cruyff Foundation, DGI

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Stockholm, Sweden
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Kasper Skov Ljungstrøm
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