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Live Sports Streaming Platform
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Joymo is a streaming platform that makes it easy for any sport club, federation, league and event, anywhere in the world, to broadcast their valuable content to fans across the globe. Through innovation in technology, broadcasting, AI and automation, Joymo enables the creation of video content from any level in sport and delivers that content to fans, athletes, coaches, referees and scouts through an innovative and exciting platform.

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Joymo has 100 customers in Norway and collaborates with several associations, including a framework agreement with the Norwegian Sports Confederation as well as agreements with the Norwegian Bandy Association, the Norwegian Kickboxing Association and the Norwegian Swimming Association.

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AI (Artificial Intelligence), Fan Analytics, Grassroots / Youth
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Larvikturn, Frigg Oslo FK, Oppsal Idrettsforening

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Oslo, Norway
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SportsTech S
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