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Horse Sports Technologies
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IPOS technology is an IoT company in the horse industry. We introduce a sports application for horse riders plus a wearable device that measures the rein tension. With the app riders can better plan and balance the training load for their horses, prevent overloading, and build muscles and stamina efficiently. The rein sensors provide insight into the communication between horse and rider. Possible asymmetries and injuries in the horse. This patented technology is a valuable tool to keep horses sound or assist in rehabilitation.

What's Exciting

IPOS is one of the first in the world to introduce technology in the horse industry. For this, we have been awarded the Dutch Sports Innovation Award and the World Game Changer in Sport in 2018. Olympic Medallist Imke Schellekens Bartels is our brand ambassador and she feels that our technology is of great benefit to the sport. Both for improving performance as for the wellbeing of the horse.

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Health / Med Tech, Performance Data Analytics, Wearables / Smart Devices
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Equestrian / Horse Racing
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Imke Schellekens Bartels, Royal Dutch Equestrian Federation, International Society for Equitation Science, Melbourne Race Track

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Eindhoven, Netherlands
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Menke Steenbergen
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