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Lower Limb Load Monitoring
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Remove the guesswork from an injured athlete’s return-to-play journey with IMU Step. IMU Step is a lower limb load monitoring tool that delivers external & internal workload metrics for practitioners and athletes. It enables precise, actionable insights captured via small, ankle-worn, high-frequency sensors supported with beautiful mobile and desktop apps. Capture data at the source of your athlete’s load to make better decisions and understand exactly how they are responding to training.

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IMeasureU has recently released a new flagship metric, Impact Load. Impact Load is a simple, easy to use metric that can be used to compare different loading outcomes between left and right limbs, drills, activities, sessions, and athletes. This metric can quickly categorize a session as hard or light, and whether the athlete was asymmetric or loading symmetrically.

IMU has also recently released the ability to monitor lower limb impacts in real-time. This is ideal for rehab sessions when real-time cueing responses can be seen immediately. It also enables practitioners to make immediate interventions when their athletes need it most.

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NBA, NFl, MLB, Texas Tech Basketball, Australian Institute of Sport

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