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Real-Time Lactate Sensing Smart Patch
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IDRO is a spin-off born in 2020, supported by EIT Digital, KTH and Kinetic Analysis B.V. Disrupting the field of biochemical sensing, IDRO’s smart patch is the must have for elite athletes. Defining training intensity was never more accurate than now. IDRO measures your personal lactate levels from sweat, resulting in an accurate foundation to plan your training on.

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Defining training intensity is a challenge, even at the highest level. The dynamic monitoring of lactate while doing exercise is a key parameter for athletes and coaches to optimize training programs, define intensities, alert when over-exhaustion and thus avoid inefficient exercises. In co-creation with elite athletes this product is developed, and it will be also available for amateur runners and cyclists per 2022/2023. IDRO provides a smart patch that uses biochemical analysis to assure a dynamic personalized coaching, helping athletes to progress and optimize sports performance.

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Fitness Tech, Health / Med Tech, Wearables / Smart Devices
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Swedish Olympic Committee, Sport Vlaanderen, University of Amsterdam, undisclosed, undisclosed

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Brussels, Belgium
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Maarten Gijssel
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