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hitIQ is an Australian company that manufactures technologies to assist in the detection of sports related brain injuries. Specifically hitIQ has developed the Nexus A9 Mouthguard, a custom fit smart mouthguard to measure athlete head kinematics. The Mouthguards are currently being used in the Australian Football League, the National Rugby League and US Collegiate Football. This technology allows industry stakeholders to make more informed decisions in regards to athlete welfare through the use of objective data.

What's Exciting

With elite sports ramping back up, hitIQ will deploy hundreds of mouthguards to athletes across a variety of sports around the world.
hitIQ technology is currently being trialled in professional combat sports with a goal to broadcast data. This development will provide new insights for the audience and a new narrative for the commentators. hitIQ is also partnering with Atavus who are the leaders in tackling performance analytics. The hitIQ/Atavus data sets are synergistic and will lead to tailoring defensive programs that maximise player safety. Late 2020, hitIQ will release a concussion risk index based on a finite element analysis which models mechanical injury and quantifies brain tissue strain post impact.

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AMS (Athlete Management System), Health / Med Tech, Wearables / Smart Devices
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Australian Football League, National Rugby League, University of South Carolina, University of Nevada, Brigham Young University

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Melbourne, Australia
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Tom Laudenbach
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