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Data Analytics, Content and Gamification
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GTG Network (GTG) specialises in the creation of unique technology in the data analytics, content production and gamification spaces. GTG’s proprietary content engine, iSport Genius (iSG), is a revolutionary sports data platform that provides unprecedented sporting insights through highly innovative statistical analysis of trillions of pieces of data and has been noted on the London stock exchange. Additionally, trivia, prediction games and arcade games have been deployed with clients around the globe in a range of online and physical environments. GTG’s international expansion has been aided by its completely bespoke solutions.

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Our games division! In partnership with Caesars for the NFL Draft, GTG’s prediction and arcade games technology powered Games Hub, challenging users to predict the correct order of the first found of the Draft. Functionality allowed users to update their selections in real-time during the draft, reflecting the importance of teams conducting live trades. Arcade games were also delivered to determine the best quarterback, running back and wide receiver. Other exciting initiatives include the launch of Fan Pick with the Los Angeles Lakers, revolutionising the fan engagement experience at Stadiums with Cisco, and the continual delivery of unprecedented sports insights.

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News / Content, Performance Data Analytics
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Caesars, Cisco, Los Angeles Lakers, DraftKings, Sportsbet

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Melbourne, Australia
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Nathan Rothschild
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Co-founder and Partner
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