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Engaging fans, reinventing commercial models
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We exist to strengthen fan experiences, by bringing sport and technology together to make what we all love more sustainable.

We do this by making everything we do about the fan and using proprietary technology, data, behavioural insights and performance marketing to create incremental and scalable revenue directly from partnerships.

What's Exciting

The events of 2020 have forced sporting organisations and brands in the space to think differently about how to add value to the audience.
We’re excited by all stakeholders innovating during this time, out-thinking the situation we’ve been presented with and building more accountability into partnerships via creative use of technology.
From a Greenroom perspective, developing more solutions to engage fans, that add more value to brands and ensure the sporting organisations we work with remain sustainable are the things that we’re focusing on at this time.

Fan and Sponsor Engagement
Business Intelligence, Fan Analytics, Sponsorship Analytics
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HSBC, AIA, Hisense, Renault F1, TaylorMade

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London, United Kingdom
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Tom Huggins
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Co-Founder | COO
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