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FORM Smart Swim Goggles
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August 2019, FORM launched their FORM Smart Swim Goggles – swim goggles with a built-in display that track you while you swim, showing swimmers their performance metrics like split times, stroke rate, stroke count, pace, distance, calories, and even heart rate, in real-time. Since launching FORM have established partnerships with Olympic medalists and champion pro triathletes, and have a created a worldwide swim community that now #swimwithform, and see the value of seeing swim metrics at the moment the data is most relevant.

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Summer 2020 FORM is launching its Open Water swim features for their FORM Smart Swim Goggles in partnership with Garmin and Apple. Swimmers will be able to access Open Water GPS metrics such as real-time distance and pace, as well as see their live heart rate while swimming in the ocean, lakes, and rivers. For more information on these features, visit

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Lionel Sanders, Sarah Crowley, Brent Hayden,

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Vancouver, Canada
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