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Fantastec SWAP is the global leader in sports digital collectibles. After launching in 2019 with Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund and Arsenal men’s and women’s teams SWAP quickly rose to the #1 downloaded sports app in the UK and several other countries. SWAP’s unique blockchain platform allows fans in London to trade digital collectibles with fans in Shanghai or San Francisco with the same confidence as if they were standing side-by-side. Digital collectibles are by far the fastest growing sector with mobile-first sports fans worldwide.

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SWAP captures moments fans want to keep from their favourite teams, sports and players. Fans curate these unique moments into their own collection kept on their phone. SWAP has many different levels of digital collectibles available including the highly sought after contactless signature series. In the Covid-19 era it will be a while until athletes can once again engage up=close with fans. So many professionals are using our contactless signatures to allow fans to collect genuine and authenticated digital signatures from their heroes. In June 2020 SWAP’s tribute to Real Madrid was the storied football clubs most watched Tik Tok video.

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Arsenal, Arsenal Womens Football Club, Borussia Dortmund, Real Madrid

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London, United Kingdom
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