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Fan data management platform to increase revenues
Company Summary

FanSifter is a fan data management platform built to help rights-holders in music, entertainment, and sports increase sales of tickets, music, merch, experiences, and sponsorships.

Our mission is to fix the way audience and event data is used by music, entertainment and sports industries, while also creating new revenue streams from the use of this data in brand advertising.

FanSifter fan data management platform allows marketers to use the real audience data to efficiently target fans without violating privacy laws or sharing any actual data — and unlike the social/ad platforms, we share revenue with the owners of these audiences.

What's Exciting

FanSifter users can better connect with fans, capture audience insights, and enhance digital experiences by turning partial identities into complete customer intelligence.

FanSifter enables users to:

Turn any fan contact instantly into a more complete personal profile.
Generate supercharged custom and lookalike audiences that increase conversion from your promotions.
Prepare compelling and accurate audience profile reports for your sponsors, brands and strategic partnerships.
Enable personalized communication and targeted offers to the right audience.
Save marketing hours with powerful analytics, customer segmentation, profiling and enrichment tools.

Data Capture and Analysis
AI (Artificial Intelligence), Fan Analytics, Marketplace
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In the current phase music industry clients:

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Los Angeles, United States
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Aivar Laan
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Founder | CEO
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