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A white label, all-in-one, live streaming, OTT solution
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FanHero is a live streaming and video on demand platform that allows content creators to publish content in various formats, including videos with high quality and higher resolution (HD Quality). The company has invested $21 million in the development of the platform which uses OTT (over-the-top) technology to deliver content to users. HD Quality is very popular in sports games and music shows and among content creators, companies, and corporations that want to structure their community, share information, and have user data for promotions, monetization, or new engagements. In 2018, the U.S. Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts awarded the W3 award to FanHero for providing the best streaming services on the market today.

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The platform allows live broadcasts like never before, from anywhere on the planet, at any time, with the option to run them simultaneously on multiple channels (Multi-Streaming). Videos generated from the live broadcast can be saved as a post on your feed and viewed on demand. Real-time interaction with users is also possible, no matter where they are through the use of live chat. The platform enables transmission with the participation of up to one million connected users. The user can access live content while it is being generated or choose to watch it later, where they can pause and resume playback from the point where it was stopped (Playback Progress). The platform also makes it possible to multitask, allowing a user to watch a video while reading a news story. It’s a social OTT platform that enables interactivity between content creators, users and the communities they create.

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