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In-memory analytics database
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Exasol is an analytics database company. Our high-performance in-memory analytics database offers unrivalled performance. We give organizations the power to be ambitious with their data and transform the way they work, whether it be on-premises, in the cloud or both.

Operating in a landscape where data has fast become the most valuable asset to driving tangible business success, Exasol helps businesses adopt a truly data-driven culture so that they can maintain competitive advantage regardless of the industry they occupy.

What's Exciting

Stats Perform: Sports Partner Intelligence Network – Exasol has recently signed to become a partner of the network and we’re very excited about this.
Exasol is already working with several sports teams, including world-class Champions League football clubs and rugby federations. Exasol’s in-memory analytics database enables sports teams to run analytics and data science queries on their data, no matter how much of it there is or where it is coming from – so teams can get actionable insights in near real-time.

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Business Intelligence, E-Commerce, Performance Data Analytics
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Champions League Football club (name cannot be disclosed)

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london, United Kingdom
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Carla Gutierrez
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Global Communications Manager
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