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Deriving the maximum ongoing value from your data
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Empirics focuses on four main pillars:
1. Data Platforms – Assisting clients to build; Athlete Data Platforms and Modelling, Automated reporting & Analytics, and Data Consulting
2. Client Innovation Area’s – Providing clients with the ability to ETL/Code against their productionised datamodel using their own software, for faster data analytics/research/visualisation/reporting
3. Next Best Interactions – Working with our clients to build decisioning engines which can assist in selecting the next best step for an Athlete/Customer
4. Attribution – To understand the journey towards an event and the intended and unintended consequence of an event. What happened before, and what happened after.

What's Exciting

Link Group/Empirics and Microsoft Azure partnership: More effectively leverage data-driven insights and better use capabilities such as machine learning and AI, to deliver industry-leading customer service for clients.
Athlete Data Platforms: Continuously evolving ADP’s which can be hosting by Empirics or implanted into client environments
Connector Suite: Continuing to build on our connector suite to clients applications and environments
Predictive Modelling: Further development into our Predictive Modelling to allow of ease of use to our clients

Athlete Performance or Tracking
Business Intelligence, Performance Data Analytics
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Carlton Football Club, St Kilda Football Club, Port Adelaide Football Club

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Melbourne, Australia
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Andrew Jones
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Business Development Manager
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