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Video Performance and Data Analysis Solutions
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Dartfish is a Swiss-based company providing video-based solutions to support performance analysis across industries such as sport, education, and healthcare.
Dartfish proposes a full end-to-end opened ecosystem starting with the capture of images and data for analysis. Dartfish then proposes a full range of quantitative and qualitative analysis tools either on Mobile platforms or on PCs. Finally, Dartfish has developed a cloud-based sharing platform for the sharing of video analysis.

What's Exciting

Dartfish has successfully developed a fully automated player and puck tracking system for Ice hockey. Based on camera feeds, the position of all players (from both teams) as well as the position of the puck is computed live. This system was used during the 2019 IIHF World Championship in Bratislava / Kosice and was to be used in the Lausanne / Zurich 2020 IIHF World Championship.
Dartfish is currently working on the adaption of the system to other indoor teams sports such as Handball, Basketball or Volleyball.

Data Capture and Analysis
AI (Artificial Intelligence), Computer Vision, Performance Data Analytics
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German Ice Hockey Federation (DEB), French Handball Federation (FFHB), More than 50% of the Ice hockey teams in Scandinavia and Switzerland. More than 1’000 teams in various team sports worldwide.

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Fribourg, Switzerland
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Laurent Wenker
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