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All-in-one solution for 1-to-1 personalized conversations
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Creative Bot provides large sports organizations with an all-in-one solution to enable 1-to-1 personalized conversations, at scale, with their fans on any messaging platform (SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc). We use a combination of automated chatbots, connected to our enterprise-grade platform, which includes a full FRM, Smart Inbox, and Campaign builder.

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We help large sports organizations, like the Los Angeles Rams, to capture a larger segment of their digital fan base through direct messaging. This allows us to uncover new data and insights on their fans, which helps drive ticket sales and merchandise. More importantly, we believe the biggest opportunity is in B2B revenue, giving their sponsors a new way to target very specific segments of their audience with a concrete proof of ROI. While this outcome was relevant before COVID-19, this value proposition is resonating even more now that clubs have to move sponsorship dollars from traditional/in-stadium activations to fully digital launches.

Fan and Sponsor Engagement
AI (Artificial Intelligence), Business Intelligence, Fan Analytics
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Los Angeles Rams

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Los Angeles, United States
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