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Video Analysis (2D & 3D) in High Performance Sports
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CONTEMPLAS provides individual solutions in 2D and 3D analysis in combination with external devices (force plate, EMG, pressure plates, OptoGait, accelerometers) and application & artificial intelligence.
Customers come from the areas of high performance sports (e.g. 1. Bundesliga Soccer, NFL, Olympic Centres), universities (e.g. German Sport University Cologne, TU Munich), clinics and rehabilitation facilities (e.g. nanoM Dubai) all over the world. The team of sports scientists provides comprehensive advice on the practical use of sports data.

What's Exciting

CONTEMPLAS just released its new technology MARKERLESS TRACKING based on artificial intelligence, available for 2D and 3D analysis in any kind of sports and movements.
Save valuable time and resources by skipping the step of complex marker clicking. Get your results directly after your recordings by the simple and long-desired workflow:


Athlete Performance or Tracking
AI (Artificial Intelligence), Performance Data Analytics, Video Analytics
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FC Bayern München, Bundesliga – Soccer, Nano M, Dubai, Auckland Raiders, NFL – Football, Olympic Training Centre, Berlin, d´coque, Luxembourg

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Kempten, Germany
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Stefan Klippel
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General Manager
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