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Propeaq Light Glasses
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Light therapy glasses: The wearable light from Propeaq is based on years of scientific research and patented technology. 30 minutes of day light/ blue light a day is often enough for new energy or influencing sleep wake rhythm.

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Athletes can shift their biological peak performance by using the Propeaq Light Glasses and our method, to the moment they need to perform their best performance, e.g. series, finals, etcetera. Besides shifting your peak performance, the Propeaq Light Glasses also allows you to prevent jetlag during traveling through different timezones.

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Rana Reider, Fieldcoach Track of World and Olympic Champions, Victor Campenaerts, World Hour Record Holder, Alyson Annan, Head Coach Dutch Field Hockey Ladies Team, World and Olympic Champion, Christian Taylor, 4x World Champion and 3x Olympic Champion, Anika van Emden, Olympic Bronze

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Tilburg, Netherlands
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Rick Muller
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Head of Sales, COO
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