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A step ahead in heart disease detection.
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With over 12 years in the making, Cardio Phoenix Inc. developed Cardio-HART™, a new Breakthrough AI-Powered heart diagnostic device for the earlier detection of cardiovascular disease. It has one of the most advanced AI to help understand the innovative new bio-signals which when combined with ECG, are able to detect and diagnose up to 94% of all common heart diseases by prevalence, in primary care.

Expands patient care in remote locations enabling powerful Cardiac-Telemedicine™ tools while continuing to deliver the best of cardiac care.

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Cardio Phoenix in early 2020 had the opportunity to participate at the Congreso Anual de Cardiología Internacional, CADECI in Guadalajara, Mexico where by doing demo tests during the 4 days of the congress, it was proven to the medical community the effectiveness of our medical device. Physicians, GP´s and Cardiologists, witness how Cardio-HART™ can help to improve cardiac care in Mexico.

Whether a physician, general practitioner, nurse, or medical student, Cardio-HART™ device enables precision screening, detection and diagnosis.

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