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Reinventing athlete performance with real-time aero technology.
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Body Rocket aims to revolutionise athlete performance by unleashing the power of real-time aerodynamic analysis, in a rapidly growing market set to reach $780M by 2026. Body Rocket shrinks a man-sized wind tunnel sensor to fit discreetly on your bike, a world-first. Now raising capital to finalise development.

UK and US patents issued

An estimated global market opportunity, in excess of $780m

Industry-first sensor technology validated against wind tunnel

A proven team with a combined 50+ industry years of experience.

What's Exciting

Body Rocket is the world’s first on-bike device capable of offering wind-tunnel-precise measurement directly integrated into our smart stem, handlebar and pedals, allowing aero to move out of the wind tunnel and onto the road, where cyclists actually ride!

Globally, there are 36m cyclists on Strava analysing data, in a $2.1bn road bike market. Body Rocket makes aero accessible to millions of cyclists by bringing new tools and insights not possible with current methods.

In Dec 2019, our patented system was validated in the University of Southampton wind tunnel – an industry first – setting us apart and leading the way in this space. In the short time since validation we’ve already attracted interest from industry press, pro teams, university researchers, as well as interest from beyond cycling.

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