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A leading designer and manufacturer of affordable training technologies.
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Designed by experienced therapists, Bobo’s products are simple and accessible fitness and rehabilitation tools that live up to the Bo&Bo Ltd company motto of “fun as a method to achieve goals”. By turning traditional training products into wireless, interactive, and smart training platforms, Bobo’s products better motivate people to stick with their training programs, making the workouts much more challenging, engaging, and fun.
With 3 different training tech-product categories – wearable, balance, and aerobic.

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Price and technology are what make the difference!

Athlete Performance or Tracking
Fitness Tech, Health / Med Tech, Wearables / Smart Devices
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Gymna – Belgium (distributor), RehabMedic – Spain (distributor), Medline – Usa (Distributor), NBA 76ers (Client), NBA Wizzards (Client)

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Rosh Haain, Israel
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Gadi Nir
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