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Virtual Visualization & Data Enhancement
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Beyond Sports simulates real & live sports matches in virtual 3D environments, based on positional tracking data.
Data is at the base of all Beyond Sports simulations. Even just single point positional tracking data is enough to power rich simulations, all due to Beyond Sports’ AI enhancing everything that is not included in the received data. By filling in the blanks for player orientation, fitting animations, ball behavior and more, Beyond Sports always outputs a natural looking simulation that stays as close to the real thing as possible. Applications are in player development, broadcasting, match analysis, gamification & content creation.

What's Exciting

The simulations can be used to view the match from any perspective or interact with the action on the field like never before, accessible from a web or mobile app environment as well, therefore not only limited to enterprise clients. Being a simulation, it also offers the possibility to change the entire look of the environment, from a humanoid look to for example a lego or minecraft look.

Data Capture and Analysis
AI (Artificial Intelligence), Computer Vision, VR (Virtual Reality) / AR (Augmented Reality)
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English Premier League, NFL, NHL, Sky Sports, Fox Sports

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Alkmaar, Netherlands
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Konstantin Dieterle
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Head of Business Development
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