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Improved mental performance
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Graffos work for the sports industry of any modality and category, our specialization is emotional management to face situations of stress or crisis as well as a valuable help for the technical body, they know in advance the strengths and weaknesses of the athlete or team, so they can adjust your physical, technical and tactical training plans. Training the mind will be the fourth pillar in the training of the athlete of the future. We have obtained parallel benefits with athletes – students, who have improved their academic results.

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Our App, developed on iOS, will be available soon for Android devices. We are going to incorporate motor graph neurological stimulation, the psychology of color that allows us to add value in the analysis of big data, in relation to the mood of athletes. We have closed a strategic alliance with a partner specialized in training for coaches, to impart the methodology of analysis of mental skills, which will grant them a Master certification as an analyst, they will be trained in knowing how to use the graphic profile of mental skills to apply it in design of the physical, technical and tactical training plan of the athlete or team.

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Health / Med Tech, Performance Data Analytics, Wearables / Smart Devices
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MotoGP Riders, Guatemala Olympic Comite, Gisela Pulido from Kyte Surf,

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Santa Cruz De La Palma, Spain
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