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Wireless Sport Timing. Training and Racing Solutions
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Established in 2011, AutoCoach was founded with the goal of utilizing technology to improve coaching methods and techniques. Starting with swimming, this involved using hardware to collect and transmit data, which could then be processed into information and then communicated to the athlete.
Ian Pope (Olympic Coach), Matt Welsh (Olympian and former world record swimmer) and Dean Sharples, an experienced electronics engineer, have between them a comprehensive understanding of training and coaching principles as well as wireless networked technology. With this knowledge, they have successfully managed to create systems and technology to automate and simplify many repetitive activities performed by coaches and athletes.
These systems and technology included a range of products which included automated starting, timekeeping and data collection which could be used to automate certain aspects of training and racing. These products contributed to generating early revenue with sales in over 25 countries to customers including Swimming Australia and British Swimming. However, whilst these products were unique from any other in the market, our pioneering product was to be the AutoCoach One, the wearable personal interactive training device..

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Currently AutoCoach is working with Techdyne International Pty Ltd on Networking the AutoCoach Manager race meet ystem so data is shared worldwide, allowing clubs and coaches detailed performance data and race results.

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Swimming Australia, British Swimming Canada Swimming Singapore Swimming Japan Swimming

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