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Head Impact Monitoring & Performance Tracking Solutions
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Athlete Intelligence is a Sports Data and Analytics company specializing in head-impact monitoring and performance tracking solutions. Using devices built by Athlete Intelligence, we can help teams track the location, count, and severity of each head-impact sustained during a game and practice. That data is then relayed in real-time or post-event through automated reports and an analytics dashboard. Coaches and Athletic Trainers use this information to identify training opportunities within their team and position group for athletes who may need additional work on technique and where to manage head-impact exposure. At Athlete Intelligence we act as a resource for teams through providing actionable data they’ve never had access to previously.

What's Exciting

Constant company growth and new features. Latest device will incorporate a helmet temperature module and GPS player tracker. The temperature module will allow us to notify an Athletic Trainer or Coach if an athlete is entering into a concerning high temperature heat zone. The GPS Player tracker will allow us to provide performance based analytics on athletes.

Athlete Performance or Tracking
GPS Tracking, Performance Data Analytics, Wearables / Smart Devices
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University of Washington, Marshall University, Virginia Tech, Central Washington University

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Kirkland, United States
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Andrew Golden
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Director of Business Operations
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