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Software for elite sports performance analysis
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Today, accurate sport-specific performance indicators can only be obtained at considerable costs. Archinisis transforms athletes’ raw motion data into precise key performance indicators which can be immediately analysed through an easy-to-use tool. Our solution is based on a single sensor worn on the athlete’s upper back coupled with algorithms specially developed for individual outdoor elite sports. We use biomechanical models and motion constraints to automatically monitor athletes’ movements. Coaches obtain highly accurate sport-specific performance indicators within seconds to fully exploit the athlete’s potential, avoiding tedious data review and video analysis after each training.

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With our solution any coach can easily obtain in-depth performance data from her/his athletes that usually can only be obtained in expensive and well-equipped research centres. We are currently the leaders for cross-country skiing and want to become the same for track and field sports such as sprint and hurdles. This new solution will be launched in early June and will provide the extra input athletes need to gap all the postponed competitions until the Olympic Summer Games 2021. You can expect that many future Olympic champions will have used our solution!

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GPS Tracking, Performance Data Analytics, Wearables / Smart Devices
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Finnish National teams in Cross-Country Skiing, Biathlon, Alpine Skiing, French Ski Federation, Team BSV IBEX, Switzerland, On Your Marks, Switzerland

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Fribourg, Switzerland
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