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Cloud based platform for content distribution
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Applicaster is a world-leading cloud-based platform for app development and content distribution, providing the tools and insights needed to own and engage audiences across all platforms and devices. Our innovative platform enables nearly endless functionality, provided through formal integrations, an open plugin environment, and tools for development and design.

What's Exciting

Applicaster recently announced it has secured $11 million to support continued technology and customer growth amid record demand for streaming content services. The company last month launched Zapp’s newest framework, called Quick Brick, which streamlines the design, deployment and management of complex video apps. The new core framework not only simplifies app development by eliminating the need for coding the visual elements of OTT apps in multiple languages, it exponentially decreases time to market across all platforms and enables agile, iterative development of apps that can quickly adapt and respond to market requirements.

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Comcast Technology Solutions, Adobe, AWS, DirecTV, Viacom

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New York, United States
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