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Lifestyle measurements & behavioural insights
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Activinsights is a digital healthcare business. We provide professional insight into lifestyle and behaviour. We measure, manage and analyse behavioural data to build digital wellness services. We have industry-leading capabilities & infrastructure including:

– Specialist wearables
– Privacy-by-design data architecture
– Expertise in study design & data flows
– Deep understanding of real-world systems
– Analysis of objective lifestyle data
– Enhanced data capture through apps
– Flexible & enterprising ways of working

What's Exciting

We provide full hardware deployment & bespoke data analysis services for clients. We also develop open-source analysis tools for the academic research community in the statistics environment R with packages on CRAN. We have experience in working with leading sports bodies across the global to enhance professional athletes training, performance & recovery. This includes looking at specific elements of technique and training, for example the throw of a cricket ball and potential risk of injury, to looking at everyday living outside of training and the impact this may have on performance, for example Premier League footballers sleeping patterns.

Data Capture and Analysis
Health / Med Tech, Performance Data Analytics, Wearables / Smart Devices
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Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
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Stephanie Sargeant
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