As part of 2020 Australia Sports Tech Week, The Australian Sports Technologies Network is proud to host three Masterclass sessions with world class sports academics. Delivered virtually via Zoom, each session will be a deep dive into different areas of sports being affected by the continued focus on innovation and technology.

The Belgian Sports Tech Landscape: Learnings and opportunities for Australia

Tuesday, 17th November 1730 AEST

What you’ll learn:

  • The key Sports Tech innovation stakeholders in Belgium, and how the Belgian ecosystem functions
  • The key success factors, that have driven the Belgium ecosystem
  • Practical ways to set up new Belgian-Australian collaborations, and expand your business and networks in Europe

Sports Commercialisation and the Global Sports Economy

Wednesday, 18th November 1730 AEST

What you’ll learn:

  • The nature of the sports economy as a peculiar industry, which manifests itself through various factors, e.g., its network structure, notions of competitive balance and the distinguish between strategies such as win maximization and profit maximization.
  • How the sports industry is a passionate context, in which the economy is driven by the engine of fans and how these fans consume brands based on the junction between functionality and emotional equity.
  • How technology and data re-contextualize existing sports economic models, which may revitalize business opportunities and performance for clubs and other rights holders.  
  • Insights from their work including: The Application of Sports Technology and Sports Data for Commercial Purposes

How technologies impact the future of sports in a digital age

Thursday, 19th November 1700 AEST

What you will learn: